Where can I Find used tires?

Why NOT to buy used tires
November 3, 2015 – 03:19 pm
Plaza Tires Used Inventory

It is true that buying used tires can in some instances be a bargain, but unfortunately if you buy from an unscrupulous merchant, it can easily turn in to a nightmare.

I have been around the automotive world for many years and thought that it would be safe to buy used rubber on ebay. Partly because of my experience, and also because of the safety net that Ebay and PayPal want you to believe you have. But, I was had . Not once, but twice actually, in a matter of a couple of weeks. It wasn't because I didn'task the right questions, it was simply a case of bait and switch by the seller.

The first incident was a pair of Pirelli P6 tires, purchased from Vycbestusedtires, from Allentown, New Jersey.This seller probably sells more used tires on Ebay than anyone else, and they allways have the " NICE TIRE" description. I bought an item which was described to have 7 to 8/32nds of tread, with absolutely no damage. I asked for the tread depth to be measured with a tire gauge to insure their statement about the tread depth was in fact correct. They assured me that all their tires are in fact measured with a tread depth gauge. When I received the tires, they looked good. They did not measure out to the claimed 7 or 8 32nds, ( I measured 6/32nds) but at that point I wasn't going to pursue the seller for this discrepency, even though he was adamant about the tread depth being advertised correctly. I had the tires mounted and immediately noticed an unbelievably loud " howling noise" when rolling down the road.When my wife took the car to the Saab dealer, as part of their inspection they checked the tires and determined that the tires I had just bought were "out of round" ( apparently a problem with the Pirelli P6) and should have in fact been thrown out or shredded and NOT RESOLD. I complanied to the merchant about being sold tires which now appeared to actually have been replaced on acconut of warranty issues, and essentially got a - " too bad, you mounted the tires and you can only refund in 14 days"-. I was stuck. Even if they would take the item them back refunding the purchase price, I would still be out $60.00 for shipping, and they have really lost nothing because they've received thier item back . And I guess some product will come back and some people will just not bother with the return of theirs.

About three months later and at my persistance, this seller did in fact refund my purchase price in return for a mutual feedback retraction (he retaliated with negative feedback).He allowed me to keep the tires (which were already ready for the scrap heap as I had to purchase new replacements) but I did loose out on my $60.00 in shipping .

My second second experience was with packlinkmotorsport of So. California ; (who is "no longer a registered user" and has changed his eBay name ), where I purchased a set of four "barely used " BMW X5 wheels and tires; according to description. I know you may be laughing at this point, but in my defence, I thought my first experience may have been a fluke.

Source: www.ebay.com
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