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October 31, 2015 – 08:40 am
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6-1 We have all heard plenty of myths when it comes to buying used tires. They aren’t safe, they aren’t reliable, they aren’t good quality – but that is all far from the truth and we thought that we could help you learn how to separate a good tire from a bad tire!

You want to purchase tires from a known re-seller with a reputable history and good customer feedback, such as A’s! We follow these guidelines when purchasing used tires and we think you should do the same when purchasing from us! So here is a quick guide to help you learn how to purchase used tires the ‘right’ way!


The ‘tread’ is the part of the tire that makes actual contact with the road surface!

You want to look at the depth from tread to tire ratio. This is typically measured in millimeters (mm) and you want to see at least 50% of the tread in great shape and still present. If you are unsure what 50% looks like, go take a peek at a new tire and inspect that tire first so you can see the difference when you look at the used version. Also, in looking at the tread be sure to spot general wear and tear, strange markings significant damage to the edges or if the tread surface is uneven. These factors can indicate that there might be an issue with the tire or can cause other problems while driving that could affect the longevity of that tire.


Inspect the edge of the tread to the center section where the wheel is sealed to the tire. This area should be looked at for general damage. Are there gouges, cuts, or burns in the sidewalls? Look inside the tire as well, do you see cracks or darker markings along the circumference? If any of these things are present, the tire might be compromised in someway and might be unsafe unless they have been cleared by a technician.


This part of the tire will have the tell tale signs of whether or not a tire is a good buy or not. This is (where the tire and the wheel meet) one of the most important areas of a tire that can determine it’s history and longevity. If this area is damaged in any way it can easily result in a tire that will deflate on you.

Popular Q&A
How much are used tires.

Tires range greatly in price. I just put new tires on my care and it was $600. It just depends on the type and quality of tires.

How reliable are used tires.

The reliability of used tires would depend on where you got them from, and the condition. back soon!

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