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April 25, 2015 – 08:06 am
Billys Tire Service - Tires

Knudsen's Tiremookie1655 ratedOutstanding service experience!

I recently had the opportunity to visit Community Tire and Automotive Service at the Buckeye Rd. location in Phoenix. I found the managers (Mike and Scott) and his workers, extremely helpful and HONEST from the get-go. There were no hidden charges, things were explaine...d to me as they were discovered, options were discussed, and prices were revealed up front! I also was treated in PLAIN ole' english about the repairs - no technical, over your head mumbo jumbo. I highly recommend this business and especially location to anyone whom needs minor repairs, lube jobs, and of course tire assistance. HONESTY is not one of the traits commonly seen at repair shop these days - you get that at this place though! Mike L. Chandler, AZ

Roco Wholesale Tires and WheelsDave H. rated

I've Been doing business with Roco for a long time. I have used them for several car accident repairs and in every case their work was excellent. Brian was in constant contact with me as the repairs took place. I will only take my vehicles to Roco. I have recommended them t...o many of my friends and in every case told me how great the service, work and value they received .i am glad I have a trusted partner in the automotive repair arena where there are many who aren't. Thank you Roco for doing such a great job every time.

Llantera Del Chinozox.gunic rated

I have bought many many sets of tires from Chino, and I can say that this is the place to go to get tires. Not just the best prices but also the service, fast and honest. I shopped around few times and noticed that Chino has the best deals. Just last week again I went there... and bought set of four tires for GMC Sierra 1500 for $400 out the door with warranty, tires that are truck tires not just tires that do not even look like truck tires, but real truck tread design.Highly recommended. Thank You Chino

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