Used tires around my locations

March 24, 2016 – 07:56 pm
My near-new used

Like many other reviewers (thank you all, again for your respective posts) of this awesome establishment, the folks here are wonderful and inexpensive giving no-frills service for more than reasonable rates and rather impressive time. The waiting room is part of their office area, there are no vending machines, no coffee bars, wifi or glitz that is part of the premium of many other auto services.
Of note, when going south bound on Rte 1. they are just after the Marino's Pizza and are a smaller shop, though it is still quite easy to swing into their shop. I mention this for other folks who may not necessarily be from the area.

Originally, I was going to use the site: to purchase a set of new tires and have them shipped to this location next day (this is part of the standard service from the aforementioned web retailer). Instead, I was able to go directly through J.C. New & Used Tires for not much more than the price of just the four tires, the insurance and shipping of said tires over the phone. Be expected to pay some small deposit, in my case it was $100.00 over the phone. The gentleman (I think this was the owner) with whom I was speaking was very helpful, made sure to get the correct manufacturer, model and sizing of the tires I was looking to purchase. I was told that the tires would be available for installation by about 2:30PM and happily made the tentative time (not really an appointment) of 3:00PM for the following day and given a time quotation of 45 minutes and asked if this would be acceptable (it was more than agreeable, by the by) with a total cost of $454.00 .

When I arrived on site the next day at 2:26PM, one customer was leaving and another came in to pay his bill (so for the most part, I was the only one being helped). The tires being installed were in a stack in the front, all of them were new and approximately the same age. Just ask, the technicians will answer questions on the age of the tires. Oh, if you have wheel locks on your rims, make sure to bring the key! They had me in and out of place in less than 28 minutes and to say that there was a vast improvement over the stock tires (I went up in size and switched to a different manufacturer and model).

Again, it is wonderful to find a no-frills, professional shop whose most important amenities are the ones that matter, more than reasonable rates, customer service, efficiency and professionalism of the staff.

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