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Chicago A Tire Shop That Sells Used 20 Inch Tires Cheap
July 3, 2015 – 07:53 am

Western Avenue Nissanburtbanks412 ratedWhere to begin? I have been wo...

Where to begin? I have been working toward getting myself a car. My parents offered to help me out, but I wanted to do it independently. I start my senior year at the end of August and couldn’t wait to get it. a few weeks ago I started looking and found a gem (so I thought). I bought a car from the internet, and was super excited. It was a Nissan Sentra. The day after I got it, it wouldn’t start. I tried everything I know, but nothing helped. I took it to Western ave Nissan, where my father goes. The service department delivered the bad news. The car had all sorts of issues from, mechanical to electrical. I was devastated. My father happened to run into the salesman that he got his car from. He told him the situation and he said he would be right back. Todd came back and asked if I would like a new Sentra. I looked at my dad and said I don’t think I can afford it. Todd asked if we had a few minutes and said let’s take a walk. He showed us a base model last year car with an excellent rebate. He ran my credit and there wasn’t much there but my dad offered to co sign for me. They took my car that was in service and helped us out. They gave me most of what I paid for it. Going from a teenager to a young man this car is my first real responsibility. Im so glad that Western Nissan was able to help me with the purchase, I will learn a great deal from this experience. Thank You.

Speedline Auto & Tirewxjeremy ratedAn auto shop I can really trust!

discovered Speedline after I was royally screwed over by a different local auto shop (lets just say they are in \"LINCOLN\" Square). I took my car in and spoke to Ron, one of the owners. Let me just say that I had never felt as comfortable about a mechanic's shop than when I... was talking with him (btw, Pablo is also a great guy too). They quickly assessed the real problem and fixed me up very quickly. Since then I have taken my car there for all of my needs. I have had suspension work done, A+! I've had brake work done, A+!! I have had engine work done A++!!! I've had clutch work done, EXCELLENT!!! I now trust the crew at Speedline for all of my auto needs, all the way down to just getting an oil change. They are honest, caring, and are genuinely concerned about getting you back on the road as soon and as safely as possible. They do great work, at a great price, and in a timely manner (and if for some reason there is a delay, they will let you know right away). I just want to say thanks to Ron and Pablo and the rest of the crew at Speedline. You have really regained my confidence that there are honest mechanics who really care about their customers!!

Pee Wee's Tire Repairsnappeas1031 ratedGiant In Service and Repair
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33 inch tires and leveling kit 2004 silverado
33 inch tires and leveling kit 2004 silverado
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what size 20 inch tires should i use for a 2004 saturn vue? | Yahoo Answers

It depends on the rim. After market sets seem to use a 245/40R20. These tires fit a 20" rim that has a width of 8-9.5". If the width of your rim is outside this range a different tire will be needed.

How much would 4 used 20inch tires cost for my 04 ford f150? | Yahoo Answers

Take a look at You can usually find a nice set for $400-500 bucks. Then you can post the 17" on there and get about $150-200. Good luck!

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