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Action News Jax Investigates: Used Tire Trouble
March 5, 2016 – 12:58 pm
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A single mom of two teenage daughters said a local tire shop took her money and put her family in danger.

Action News Jax Paige Kelton spoke to Yolanda Hannon.

"Nobody wants to get used tires, but sometimes it’s a necessity if you're between paychecks, " said Hannon. "And I'm a single mom, so I couldn't afford new tires."

Hannon said she went to Mike’s Tire Empire on North Main Street and bought two used front tires.

The very next day she said, "I went downstairs on my lunch break and the tires were on the ground, completely flat. When I called them, he said, 'If you don’t have a receipt it didn’t happen.' If I'd had my babies in that car, we could have been hurt, we could have been seriously hurt."

Action News Jax checked state records and found similar complaints against the local tire shop. The Florida Department of Agriculture sent us a statement to Action News Jax saying, “We had one enforcement case that was closed prior to any action taking place, because the business got into compliance.”

While visiting the Northside business, Kelton asked a saleswoman about the age of the tires on display. She was told, “There’s no way to tell how old a tire is.”

However, it's a federal requirement that the week and year of manufacture be stamped on every tire.

When Action News Jax went back to the shop the next day, another saleswoman contradicted what Kelton was told the day before.

"She told me yesterday these were for sale and quoted me $189 for a set of four, ” Kelton said. But the worker responded “All sets are in the back; these are displays.”

A few moments later, Kelton met the owner, Steve Landers.

Kelton asked: "What about those tires, are they for sale?"

Landers responds: “Yeah, some of them."

Landers told Kelton he inspects his tires and offers a 30-day guarantee with a receipt.

"Like everything else in life, there's no guarantee. You pay your money and you take your chances, " Landers said.

Kelton asked: “You can’t guarantee the tires you’re selling are safe?”

Landers answered: “You can’t guarantee that any used tire is safe.”

Currently, there are no laws in Florida regulating the sale of used tires. For the last three years, lawmakers in both houses have debated new legislation, but attempts to pass a measure all failed.

Senate staffers told Action News Jax that the move was seen as being anti-small business.

Hannon told Kelton that she’s learned a lesson. If faced with having to buy a used tire again, she’ll know to ask questions first and always keep the receipt.

Source: www.actionnewsjax.com
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