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November 6, 2015 – 11:12 am
Liberty Used Tires | New

Used TiresOur customers know that they can rely on us for great service and low used tire prices which is why they keep coming back. We understand the importance of your vehicle and will take every step possible to ensure that you are serviced properly and on time.

With one of the largest selection of used tires in Western Mass, Brakes + Tires is the only place to go. We carry just about any size imaginable and our inventory of used tires is constantly being replenished. Used tires are the perfect solution for lease turn ins, matching a specific tire to the vehicle's existing good ones, "winter beaters, " or replacing those annoying donut/spacesavers with a full sized spare.

Full sets available... why buy new when you can SAVE $100s!

Over 2, 000 tires in stock sold in sets, pairs and singles!

All of our used tires are mounted and balanced for FREE. Buying used tires not only makes good economic sense but good environmental sense as well. "Go Green" and use that money saved on something else. Looking for a specific brand, size or hard to find used tire, please call, stop in, or e-mail us for a quote and availability.

We offer many tire brands and wheel repairs. We specialize in complete auto care and maintenance to keep your vehicle in top condition, from oil changes to engine repairs, we do it all.

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Where find used tires.

The tip, maybe a Auto-repair shop, they dont use the old tires, i think they burn them or melt them into new tires

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