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April 24, 2016 – 02:53 am
So if your in the market for a

New and Used Tire Sales and Service
Automotive Services
Flat Repair
Wheel Rim Sales
Road Side Services
Free Installation with purchase of new or used tires
Tire Recycling
Battery Recycling
Aluminum Rim Recycling

We have the largest selection of pre-owned tires on the island of Maui, Hawaii


Established in 1975.

Formerly Known as Bob's Discount Tire and prior to that Ron's Tires owned by honorable and highly respected Ron Borge. Mr. Borge, after successfully servicing the community of Maui, transferred the ownership to Mr. Owens who than continued Ron's legacy for another decade.

Than in 2012 October, offer was made to continue the tradition. Gioung together with his husband, Tommy Lee accepted the offer. Together, they are continuing where Ron and Owens left off, offering quality tires and services at price guarantee to please all.

Under the new name SR Discount Tire and Automotive, we are poised to become the most dependable, fastest, lowest price grantee tire and auto repair shop in the industry without the sacrifice of quality.

We invited you to come and visit our shop, become friends, and together continue to help us provide quality tires and services for all to enjoy.

Thnak you ALL

Meet the Manager

Tommy Lee, born and raised in Korea for 12 year before moving to Hawaii in 1980. Tommy has attend both intermediate and high school in Honolulu Hawaii.

Tommy has 3 sons and a beautiful wife and has recently been blessed with a princess name Sa Rang (means love).

Tommy is a wonder father and a husband. Well respected by his peers and peer group such as BSA.

Tommy brings his abundant business experiences, restauraunt, body shop, retail, transportation, to name a few, into SR discount tire and has vision to become the very best in the industry. Tommy understands that this cannot be achieve without the public support and loyalty of his customer.

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Popular Q&A
Does discount tire sell used tires.

Discount Tire in Carrollton offers the largest selection of tires including leading brands such as Michelin,BFGoodrich & Goodyear.

Who does discount tire company use for dental insurance?

Discount Tire Company does offer dental insurance. They do not disclose who offers this. for now!

Is it worth to use coupons to get a discount on tires?

Coupons are almost always worth using because they cut away from the base price of items. Coupons do not give you less quality items because you use them. If you have a coupon for a trusted brand of tires then it would be worth it as long as the store or company does not have a better deal going that would be void if you used a coupon.

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