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Need Tires... Buying used tires.. What should I know? (vehicle, SUV
February 13, 2016 – 07:58 pm
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With my expedition approaching 200k miles, it needs tires.. but I can see this SUV lasting or being in my possession longer than 20k.

Looking at getting used tires. I will be living in FL, so I am not worried about snow. However, I really need to understand more about used tires. What should I look for to prevent a possible issue?

I see many used lots of 2 tires on Craigslist. If I mix/match 2 brands of the same tread, am I still asking for trouble?



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I would personally just go with the absolute cheapest set of tires you can find new. When buying new tires there can be a lot of concerns.

- Check the date stamp on the tire. If you look at the sidewall you will see a number beginning with the letters "DOT". One of these numbers will be four digits longer than the other, that is the date stamp. It is in a week/year format. So, 0705 = 7th week of 2005; 5107 = 51st week of 2007, etc. If the tire is more than 5 years old, it should be avoided.

- Check for any repairs to the tire such as plugs and patches. It is preferable to buy tires that aren't mounted on rims for this purpose.

- Check the sidewall for excessive discoloration, dry rot and cracks.

- Check the tread depth. Ideally you would want 4 tires that all had the same tread depth, if that's not possible, you need to make sure that the tires on each axle are of equal tread depth.

Running mismatched brands/models front to back isn't an issue as long as you won't be driving in 4WD for any period of time. Again, make sure you match brand/model/depth on each axle to avoid issues.

Again, though, I would personally just buy the cheapest new tires you could find since you are also looking to get 20k miles or so out of them.

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Mine are 265/17/70 so the cheapest new I can find are $ 225/ea +/_
Finding used for $ 50/ea, big difference

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