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How to Buy Used Tires for Your Car
October 13, 2015 – 03:24 pm
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How to Buy Used Tires for Your CarBuying new tires for your car is bound to cost you a significant amount of money, but it often seems like a necessary cost due to the hazard of driving on worn tires. Buying used car tires instead, however, can save you money, and if you know how to buy used tires for your car, you do not have to worry about sacrificing much performance or any safety. By checking certain tire characteristics, by looking for potential problems, and by using eBay as your buying source, you can come away with safe used tires that should last for many miles while paying a fraction of the price that you would for new ones.

Check Tire Characteristics

Before you evaluate the condition of used tires, you should make sure that you have the right tires in mind for your vehicle. Many of the same tips for buying new tires apply to used tires, and you should also be familiar with key tire terms before shopping. Regarding used tires specifically, look first for the right type of tire and tread, while also making sure that the tire is not too old.

Tire and Tread Type

If you plan to replace your entire current set of tires, you can choose between steel-belted radials and conventional-ply tires. Radials offer better grip and last longer, and they are more fuel-efficient because they are less resistant to rolling. Radials remain more expensive than conventional-ply tires are when purchased new, so buying them used can yield outstanding value. If you plan to buy a single used tire or a pair, you should match the tire type with the one already on your vehicle to ensure that your vehicle handles properly and that your tires wear evenly. Matching tread type also results in a smoother ride and more-even wear. It should also go without saying that your tire sizes should also match. For example, if you keep a pair of 15-inch tires on your car, put a pair of used 15-inch tires with them.


All car tires indicate their age on their side, and checking the age is important for two reasons. First, you should replace tires after 5 or 6 years, even if they remain in excellent condition. Secondly, when you compare the age of the tire with the amount of tread it still contains, you can surmise whether the previous owner(s) rode the tire hard.

Look for Potential Problems

Once you have found used tires that meet your specifications, you must inspect them to ensure that they have enough tread remaining and that any wear remains evenly distributed across each tire. You should also look for small signs of damage that can affect the tires' integrity.


The more deeply worn a tread is, the less mileage you can put on the tire before you have to replace it. You can, however, use a tire-depth gauge to determine the amount of tread remaining on a used tire. With the measuring scale on the gauge fully depressed, push the probe into a tread groove until the base of the gauge meets the tread surface. Then, read the measuring scale and record the result. You can reset the gauge and repeat the test on various areas of the tire, making sure that each area is at least 15 inches away from the next closest one. Tire treads typically start at 10/32-12/32 inch, and you should not drive with any less than 4/32 inch.

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