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June 12, 2015 – 08:02 am
Here s a picture of my truck

Performance Plus Tire are one of the leading rim suppliers with one of the largest inventories and lowest prices on the internet. We offer thousands of aftermarket wheels & rims for passenger vehicles, sport cars, staggered fitment vehicles, light trucks, SUVs, vans, & trailers.

Check out our Virtual Wheel application & see the rims on your vehicle before you buy them. If you like the wheel Performance Plus Tire you can create any wheel and tire package with our exclusive fitment guarantee and get it shipped to your door. It will be mounted, filled with Nitrogen and Road Force Balanced with a detailed printout and free shipping, of course!

Search our wheels & rims by vehicle make and model to find all the wheel brands and sizes that we guarantee to fit your vehicle. All our recommended wheels are built to fit your stock vehicle as is, with no modifications and with no problems, such as rubbing.

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New 33in tires on my truck
New 33in tires on my truck
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Fixing a Flat tire on my truck
Alloy USA Alloy USA 11801 Upper & Lower Ball Joint Kit - 4 Pieces
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Alloy USA)
  • Steel Construction
  • Greater strength
  • Low profile Zerk fittings
  • Hardware included
  • Exclusive threaded preload system
Noah fixing the tires on my truck. 4-30-15
Noah fixing the tires on my truck. 4-30-15
Start up and wash the tires on my truck!
Start up and wash the tires on my truck!
Rugged Ridge Rugged Ridge 11503.96 CB Radio & Antenna Mount Kit
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Rugged Ridge)
  • Black
  • Steel
  • Includes both the Rugged Ridge JK CB mount and antenna mount
  • CB mounts over rear view mirror
  • Antenna mounts just to the left of center behind rear tire carrier
Popular Q&A
What is a good mud tire for my truck?

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrains and Gateway Gumbo Monster Mudders are two very highly rated mud tires.

Which tires for my truck? | Yahoo Answers

I'm shocked no one has mentioned Mickey Thompson, Pro Comps, or Super Swampers.
I just put a new set of pro comp mud terrain 33/12.50s on my 79 K1500 with 4" lift, i'm loving every minute of them. I just took a set of Pro Comp all terrains off 33/12.50s as well, which i never got stuck it but i didn't push them too hard. I had the better 2 of the 4 re-mounted on extra wheels. I keep them in the bed just in case something happens, and plus it never hurts to have a little extra weight over the rear axle. I spend atleast 2 hours a week off the beaten path.
Go with the pro comps you will …

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