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Highway Auto & Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty
November 18, 2015 – 04:28 pm
Courser A/T 2 Light Truck Tire

In order for Goodyear Run-Flat (Extended Mobility Technology [EMT], RunOnFlat [ROF] or Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology [DSST]) tires to obtain the performance criteria stated within this Limited Warranty, Goodyear or Dunlop tires must use specific parts, such as a low tire pressure-monitoring system authorized by the Original Equipment vehicle manufacturer. Vehicles that are equipped Original Equipment with Goodyear or Dunlop Run-Flat tires must be fitted with wheels, tires and tire-pressure-monitoring systems as specified by your vehicle manufacturer. For proper wheel, tire and TPMS fitment, please refer to your vehicle's Owner's Manual.

Run-Flat Tire Feature

The Goodyear or Dunlop Run-Flat tire is a high-performance tire with a remarkable feature: It can operate for limited distances (driven 50 miles [80 km] maximum at speeds up to 50 mph [80 kph]) with very low or even no inflation pressure. This is an important benefit, especially if inflation loss occurs at a location where immediately stopping your vehicle could be hazardous. Because these tires ride well even without air pressure, your vehicle must be equipped with a system to alert you when a tire has low or no air pressure.

Tire-Pressure-Monitoring System Alert

Refer to your vehicle Owner's Manual for more information on what to do if the tire-pressure-warning system activates.


If the tire-pressure-monitoring system signals an alert, follow these safety precautions to prevent a loss of vehicle control that could result in serious personal injury or death:

  • Slow your speed. Do not exceed 50 mph (80 kph).
  • Avoid hard cornering, hard braking and severe handling maneuvers.
  • Avoid potholes and other road hazards.

Remember that when your tires have lost air pressure, your vehicle's handling capability is reduced, particularly during severe maneuvers.

To Prolong Tire Life During a System Alert

The Goodyear and Dunlop Run-Flat tires can be driven up to 50 miles (80 km) at sustained speeds of up to 50 mph (80 kph) at low or zero air pressure. However, the tire may have to be replaced if driven to these limits. To help prolong the life of a tire operating under low-inflation conditions, drive at a speed as far below 50 mph (80 kph) as possible. Also, drive the shortest distance possible before obtaining tire service. Taking these precautions will increase the chance that your tire will be repairable.

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