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Tested: Street vs. Trail vs. Mud Tires
December 3, 2015 – 03:32 pm
Nitto Tire | Fueled by

While fashion trends suggest mud tires are better than all-terrains, the irony is that you can only see a tire’s looks when the wheels are stationaryand who cares how good a tire is when it’s not doing anything? One could argue that the function of a tire is most important when it’s moving, so we decided to put the good-looking aggressive tires (that we all dream about) up against the more humble appearing ones (that we should all probably be running). We also added in a new, middle-ground tire from Nitto that might split the difference between the two extremes.

Terra Grapplers vs. Trail Grapplers vs. Mud Grapplers

We selected three different Nitto tires and tested them on the same truck with the same air pressure (50 psi) and same style rims. The terrain for the examination included loose sand, hard-packed dirt, rocks, steep hills, and mud. We also tried them on the street in order to give you a real-world case study to help you make your next tire-buying decision.Working with Discount Tire’s Abel Arreol, who manages the company’s America’s Tire store in Glendale, California (818 507-6049), we had all 12 Nitto tires mounted on 12 identical American Outlaw Colt 20x9-inch aluminum wheels. We then tested each tire on an ’05 Dodge Ram 2500 to see how they all worked.

Nitto Terra Grappler Specs:

  • Tire type: Radial
  • Tire size: 325/60R20
  • Overall diameter (as measured on truck): 34.25 inches (front), 34.5 inches (rear)
  • Tread: 2-ply steel + 3-ply polyester + 2-ply nylon
  • Sidewall: 3-ply polyester
  • Tread depth: 1532 inch
  • Overall width: 12.91 inches
  • Approved rim width: 9 to 12 inches
  • Weight of tire and wheel: 107 pounds
  • Tire’s maximum load: 3, 195 pounds
  • Maximum inflation pressure: 50 psi
  • Load range rating: D
Photo 3/18 | tested Street Vs Trail Vs Mud Tires nitto Terra Grappler Tread Shot

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Specs:

  • Tire size: 295/65R20
  • Overall diameter (as measured on truck): 34.5 inches (front), 34.75 inches (rear)
  • Tread: 3-ply polyester + 2-ply steel + 2-ply nylon
  • Tread depth: 19/32 inch
  • Overall width: 12.13 inches
  • Approved rim width: 8 to 10 inches
  • Weight of tire and wheel: 110 pounds
  • Tire’s maximum load: 4, 080 pounds
  • Maximum inflation pressure: 80 psi
  • Load Range Rating: E
Photo 7/18 | 1104dp Tested Street Vs Trail Vs Mud Tires nitto Trail Grappler Mt Tread Shot

Nitto Mud Grappler Specs:

  • Tire size: 35x12.50R20
  • Tread depth: 21/32 inch
  • Overall width: 13.0 inches
  • Approved rim width: 8.5 to 11 inches
  • Weight of tire and wheel: 113.5 pounds
  • Maximum psi: 65 psi
Photo 11/18 | 1104dp Tested Street Vs Trail Vs Mud Tires nitto Mud Grappler Tread Shot
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