Run flat truck tires

Run Flat Tires: How They Work
April 10, 2015 – 04:53 pm
Run Flat Truck Tires

Though they first appeared in the mid-1980s, run flat tires (RFT) are now more popular than ever. With some auto manufacturers making them standard in new vehicles, more consumers are asking about run flats, their advantages, and how using them impacts driving.

What Are Run Flat Tires?

You can’t drive on them indefinitely, though. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to find out how fast and how far you can drive on your run flat tires. Bridgestone run-flat tires will allow continued operation even after a loss of some or all inflation pressure for up to 50 miles (80 km) at a maximum speed up to 50 mph (80 km/h.)

How Do Run Flat Tires Work?

There are two primary types of run flat tire systems: the self-supporting system and the support ring system.

In most self-supporting run flat tire systems, the tire features reinforced sidewall construction that will continue supporting the vehicle in the event of air loss. This construction allows continued operation after the loss of air pressure up to the speed and distance specified by the manufacturer.

Self-supporting RFT

Support ring run flat tire systems, on the other hand, employ a ring of hard rubber or another structure that can support the vehicle’s weight in an air loss condition.

Since they continue performing even though they’re “flat, ” all run flat tires, regardless of the specific system type, may only be used on a vehicle equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The TPMS alerts you as soon as one of your tires loses pressure. Without it, you might not know you were driving on an underinflated tire.

Benefits of Run Flat Tires

You don’t have to change your tire in dangerous or uncomfortable conditions. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of run flat tires and is the one of the reasons why they were designed. With conventional tires, you have to replace a flat on the spot or have your car towed.

In a puncture situation, run flats are more stable than conventional tires. Since they’re made to support your vehicle even when they contain no air, run flat tires will help you maintain better control in a complete air loss situation than conventional tires.

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Run flat tire, run flat tyre, run flat inserts
Run flat tire, run flat tyre, run flat inserts
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Man changing flat tire struck by hit and run driver
Marathon Industries Marathon Industries 00014 4.10/3.50-4" Flat Free Hand Truck/Utility Tire with Sawtooth Tread, 4" Rim diameter, 5/8" Ball Bearing, 10.3" Tire Diameter
Lawn & Patio (Marathon Industries)
  • 4.10/3.50-4 Tire. 10.3 Tire Diameter.
  • Flat Free Tire made of solid, polyurethane foam. Non-marking. Sawtooth Tread.
  • 4 Rim diameter. 5/8 Ball Bearings.
  • Perfect for hand trucks, brick carts, generators, pressure washers, garden carts and more. Also works great in both rigid and swivel casters.
  • 300 lb load capacity.
Continental Continental ContiProContact SSR Run-Flat All-Season Tire - 225/45R17 91H
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Continental)
  • All-season passenger tire for coupes and sedans
  • Circumferential groove for greater water evacuation and outstanding braking on wet surfaces
  • Central rib reduces tread pattern noise level for a quiet ride
  • Run-flat ability for mobility in case of puncture
  • Optimized sipes with defined radius for improved stability and dry handling
Kumho Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 XRP Run Flat High Performance Tire - 205/55R16 91V
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Kumho)
  • Extended run-flat performance (50 miles at 50mph) in the event of a puncture
  • Combines strong dry and wet grip, low noise, and long life with run-flat peace of mind
  • High dispersion silica compound for extended tread life
  • Four circumferential grooves for maximum water evacuation
  • Not designed for near-freezing or snow driving conditions
Goodyear Goodyear Excellence Run Flat Radial Tire - 245/40R20 99Y
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Goodyear)
  • Summer touring tire for select European vehicles
  • Wide lateral grooves for improved wet traction
  • Asymmetric construction for enhanced handling and ride quality during straight driving
  • Run-flat ability for mobility in case of puncture
  • Not for use in near-freezing or snowy conditions
Bridgestone Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT Radial Tire - 275/35R19 96W
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Bridgestone)
  • High performance sport tire
  • Designed for sportscars, coupes, and sedans
  • Wide footprint for improved cornering
  • Add a sporty look to your vehicle
  • Not designed for near-freezing or snowy driving conditions
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