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July 10, 2016 – 02:12 pm
Which tires on a new f-150
Dear Tom and Ray: TOM: My guess is that Ford's advice is geared toward you, Mike, the owner of the vehicle. And it assumes you'll be using the jack that came with the truck to change a tire.

RAY: That jack is small, and really is for emergency use only. It's designed to lift up only one corner of the vehicle, because that's all it needs to do to allow you to swap out a tire.

TOM: So Ford, and every other manufacturer, creates jack points near each of the wheels. Those are reinforced spots that can handle the full weight of that corner of the car when you raise it up in the air.

RAY: They don't want you to jack up the car using some other point that's not reinforced, because if your improvised jack point fails and the top of the jack punctures the vehicle, the truck could come down on top of you. And that's no fun.

TOM: But if you have a hydraulic floor jack that's capable of lifting the whole truck, then there are other points you can use, if you know what you're doing.

RAY: This dealer did know what he was doing. The "pumpkin" (the rear differential that looks kind of like a pumpkin, that sits in the middle of the rear axle) is designed to carry the full weight of the truck when the truck is on the ground. If it couldn't, the axle tube would break. So we know it can carry the weight of the truck when it's in the air, too.

TOM: And, in fact, that pumpkin and axle are designed to carry much more than just the weight of the truck. Since you have a pickup, chances are you're also going to be doing what? Picking stuff up with it!

RAY: So with a proper jack, the pumpkin is a perfectly acceptable jack point. We do it all the time, too.

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Popular Q&A
Why nitrogen in the tires on Ford F-150 truck?

Nitrogen in tires is harmless, as long as you don't have to pay for it. It has no practical benefits except if you are a race car driver. Your question highlights another major problem with nitrogen (besides people paying good money for something that's useless): it makes people less likely to take proper care of their tires by maintaining recommended pressure with good old air. Just ignore those green little caps and fill up at any gas station and from any compressor. As for corroding, I've never had corrosion problems with air. You'd have to have an unfinished rim for corrosion to be …

Does anyone have for Ford F150 truck tires? | Yahoo Answers

My best advice would be to look on There are a lot of people who sell cheap barely used tires.
Good luck I hope this helped.

Why put 20" tires on a Ford F-150 Platinum truck?

Not necessary, only for looks. You're right, they can give a stiffer ride, but if the suspension is designed for them it can work OK. If they are low profile (less than 50 series) you can have serious problems with bent rims from potholes, etc. Maybe worth putting up with on a BMW, but not a pickup.

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