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October 28, 2015 – 08:00 am
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Selecting the right tire for your needs and budget is something you can accomplish by using the search modes and helpful information available on our web site.

Take a few minutes to read these helpful guidelines and take a look at the links, which will help you understand key information.

  • Tires are considered to be worn out at 2/32 inch minimum tread depth.
  • In wet conditions 4/32 inch or less tread means a significant loss of wet traction due to shallower grooves and sipes.
  • In snow conditions, traction noticeably diminishes at 6/32 inch tread depth. Shallower lug and groove depths limit a tire's ability to "bite" into snow and clean out snow compressed into the tread.
  • Irregular wear necessitates early tire replacement.
  • If you need one tire (due to damage, a defect, irregular wear, etc.) it is recommended that you replace it with a tire that has a similar brand, line, speed rating, and load capacity to your three remaining tires.
  • Replacing all four tires is the best case scenario, as you are open to a wide range of options.

Most people replace their old tires with the same size that was on the vehicle. If this is your choice, there are various locations you can check to determine tire size. You can check the sidewall of the tire itself. You can also find this information in the owner's manual for your vehicle. Finally, you can check your vehicle's tire placard. The placard is often located inside the glove box door, fuel door, doorpost, or door edge of your vehicle. If you know the tire size you need, use our Search by Size option to see what we have available.

Changing tire size can often improve the ride and performance of a vehicle through the following methods:

  • By selecting a tire of the next lower profile, you can significantly improve the ride quality and handling of your vehicle. On small cars, a good example is to replace the original equipment 155/80R-13 size with 175/70R-13. The tread is almost an inch wider and the tire has a proportionately lower sidewall (however the tire's height remains the same). Both of these features improve handling and stability. Use our Find Tire Size by Vehicle search to see these options.
  • Plus sizing has become very popular. In this application, the plus size tire is the same height as the original but its sidewalls are shorter. This change delivers improvement in tire response and handling. Use our Find Tire Size by Vehicle search to see these options.
  • Upsizing, or selecting a larger tire, is a common option, especially for SUV and truck owners. Taller, wider tires improve performance as well as ride quality On trucks, larger tires can improve traction, load carrying capacity and appearance. Because cars and trucks are equipped with computerized systems (ABS for example) that use feedback from tire rotation, use these guidelines to select a larger tire:
    1. Make sure the tire has load carrying capacity equal to or greater than what the vehicle placard suggests
    2. Verify that the rim width range is appropriate for the tire to be installed.
    3. Confirm that the tire-to-vehicle clearance, lock-to-lock steering and suspension clearance is such that no rubbing occurs.

A person who lives in southern California will often choose a significantly different tire for their car than someone who lives in Minnesota. There are exceptions to the rule, however. The person who lives in California may go on a skiing or off-roading trip. The person in Minnesota may only drive on plowed roads during snow season. Therefore, their driving situations may include a variety of conditions.

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