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December 30, 2015 – 02:38 pm
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Your site provides information that's solely related to the United States. How can I get information about Yokohama outside of the U.S.?

This site was created, and is maintained by the United States subsidiary of The Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd., Japan. For information on products or vehicles not sold in the U.S., please contact our parent company in Japan at:
The Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd.
36-11, Shimbashi 5 Chome
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-8685, Japan
Tel: 03-5400-4531

Or, for accurate price, availability, and product information for tires sold in Canada, please contact (800) 810-YOKO (9656).

I want to become an authorized Yokohama tire dealer. How can I do this?

In order to receive information on becoming an authorized Yokohama tire dealer, please call our Consumer Affairs department at (800) 722-9888, option 2. The Consumer Affairs department can put you in touch with the sales manager that is in charge of your area.

Where can I obtain warranty information for Yokohama products?

Warranty information is available through any local authorized Yokohama tire dealer. You can easily find a dealer in your area by visiting our online Dealer Locator. If you wish to receive printed warranty information directly, please contact our Consumer Affairs department by dialing (800) 722-9888.

Where's the best place to obtain information about Yokohama products?

All Yokohama product information is available online at our Tire Finder. If you would like a printed copy of our brochures, just call (800) 722-9888.
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Automotive Parts and Accessories (Yokohama)
  • Developed for performance pickups and SUVs, as well as modern muscle cars
  • Combines impressive looks and confident handling with year-round traction
  • Aggressive directional tread design with linked shoulder blocks, variably sized intermediate tread blocks, and two continuous center ribs
  • Wide circumferential center groove and sweeping lateral grooves provide water evacuation to resist hydroplaning and increase wet traction
  • Twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon to provide strength, uniformity, and durability
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