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April 9, 2016 – 12:28 am
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The Cooper Adventurer A/T is an All-Terrain tire that offers a balance of all-terrain traction, aggressive styling and on-road manners for today’s SUV’s and light trucks. Perfect tire for where ever life takes you.

  • The Cooper Adventurer A/T features Chevron traction grooves that efficiently evacuate water from the tread-to-road contact area, creating excellent soft surface and snow traction.
  • This tire includes a 50, 000 Mile Warranty.
  • Constructed with Tread Element Chamfers that improve the tire’s wear pattern, and reduces the potential for irregular wear and tire noise.
  • Constructed with a TracGrip tread compound that merges both an optimal mix of all-terrain and road traction properties to provide consistent and dependable performance and grip.

The Cooper Zeon RS3-A is a high performance All-Terrain tire that
delivers dynamic handling, all-season control and driving performance.

  • The Cooper Zeon RS3A offers additional tread-to-road contact with its advanced technology mold profile that provides a square tread footprint.
  • Constructed with a silica formulated tread compound that is designed for exceptional all-season driving performance, and an asymmetric design allowing tread pattern tuning.
  • Reduces the possibility of stone retention with its 3-D micro-gauge siping design, increasing tread element stability, handling and tire control.
  • This tire includes 40, 000 Mile Treadwear protection.

Providing Auto Service Solutions since 1921

Celebrating more than 90 years in the automotive service and retail business, Pep Boys is the ultimate one-stop solution.

ASE Certified Technicians

Our professional ASE-certified Pep Boys technicians are trained to diagnose and repair the broken or faulty components that make up your vehicle’s complex systems.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Trust Pep Boys to provide outstanding car service by using state-of-the-art technology designed to diagnose and repair the critical systems that keep your vehicle running efficiently.

7, 000 Service Bays Nationwide

Serving as an automotive service and parts center with 805 stores in 35 states and Puerto Rico, our car service locations are well-equipped to handle any repair, maintenance effort or upgrade.

Participation in the Motorist Assurance Program and, OUR PLEDGE
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