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Buying Tires Online May Not Save You Money: 2 Things to Ask to Get the Best Deal
October 25, 2015 – 02:35 pm
Tires For Less - Auto Repair

There’s more to the actual value of tires than just the list price. Don’t neglect these two factors if you’re deciding between buying online or at a tire store.

Who’s responsible if there’s a problem?

When you buy tires online, the company backing your tires is the online tire retailer. If anything goes wrong—a defect, a recall, a flat—you’re going to have three choices: fix it yourself, return the tires by shipping them back, or take your car in to a mechanic for service and pay out of pocket.

Flat tires are even less fun when you have to fix them yourself

When you buy from a tire dealer, your tires are backed by the local company’s warranty. If there’s a problem, you can work directly with them to get it fixed.

What’s the warranty say?

Tire warranties are really different, so understand what’s covered before you buy. The mileage warranty is only one factor. Are there free services that go along with your purchase, like rotations, alignment, rebalancing and air checks/fills? If you get a flat, or damage a tire while driving, what’s the warranty say about fixing or replacing it?

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