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September 13, 2015 – 11:30 am
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When you want your vehicle to look and perform at its best, no online source can help you better than America’s Wheel. Your one-stop shop for everything in auto parts and accessories, we bring you the most extensive array of products to boost the power and style of your most beloved automobile. Whether you need to shop for wheels and tires unlike any other or buy the finest exhaust system to match that perfect engine, we have it all right here. And we don’t just stop with auto parts. America’s Wheel serves as your most convenient source for rims, tires, exterior and interior accessories, at the cheapest prices, and with the most hassle-free customer assistance provided.

America’s Wheel brings you closer to your dream automobile.

When you value your vehicle, you would want to fit it with the most ideal parts and upgrades you can afford and with us, you are one step closer to that goal. We present you with the richest selection of auto parts and accessories from an impressive array of world class brands, all made for a wide range of vehicles. From classy interiors to the most gorgeous engines, it all starts with our comprehensive list of products. Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, just send us a message and we’ll see what we can do. We are not just a wheels and tires distributor, we are experts. No component or accessory is off-limits, and there’s hardly any auto part we cannot find for you.

We keep it simple

Our online store presents our products in the most accessible structure that you won’t have to search through page after page of resources. Buy rims by brand with the most distinctive names in the auto parts industry like Dolce, Advanti, Katana wheels, and Milanni. Shop for wheels according to your car make and model, from Acura to Volvo, all for the most suitable fit. From interior accessories such as floor mats and dash kits to auto repair parts that would improve the way you handle your car, our commitment to service begins here with our user-friendly online interface.

We make it affordable

Sure you can buy auto parts from nearly any car store, online or off, but America’s Wheel offers you something more beneficial. We provide our selection of wheels, tires, rims, grilles, LED lights, brakes and rotors, and so much more at the cheapest prices online. We offer the best discounts and packages on car accessories and auto parts that you can buy rims, shop for wheels, or haul out products on wholesale, with rates that fits your budget. Are you checking out a pricey component from another store? Give our price match option a try and we’ll see if we can offer you a better deal.

We aim to serve

America’s Wheel is not just a seller of cheap auto parts and gears, we also ensure you get the most worry-free customer experience from the moment you visit our website, place your order, and up to the day you receive the product. Count on our expertise and knowledge on the most up to date styles, innovative products, and the newest offerings of the auto industry’s biggest brands, from BFGoodrich to Katana wheels, Remin to KC HiLiTES. Whether you buy rims, lights, or filters, or shop for wheels, tire chains, or repair parts, our Customer Help Center can answer most of your essential concerns and our professional team is always on hand to provide exemplary assistance that exceeds expectations.

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Falken Falken Ziex S/TZ-05 All-Season Radial Tire - 275/55R20 117H
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Falken)
  • 50, Mile Warranty
  • 5 rib symmetric tread design provides increased high speed stability and the freedom of tire rotation, enhancing tread life and wear life.
  • Wide shoulder blocks increase tread stiffness allowing for maximized performance and even wear.
  • Double tapered cut tread blocks create a state-of-the-art look while maximizing noise control and water evacuation.
  • Wide and narrow shoulder lug grooves designed to optimize noise reduction.
ATEQ TPMS reset tools for tire repair shops.mp4
ATEQ TPMS reset tools for tire repair shops.mp4
Tire Shops
Tire Shops
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