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Buying Tires Online
March 22, 2016 – 07:36 pm

How to Buy Tires on eBayTires are where the rubber meets the road, literally. Buying new tires can be a headache, but it does not have to be. Anyone can easily find the right tire for a vehicle on eBay, from standard street tires for cars or trucks or tires for other vehicles, such as RVs and motorhomes. Before attempting to purchase tires online, it is crucial to know what tires fit the intended vehicle. It is important to understand what to look for in a tire for best performance. Shoppers must also understand how to read the tire number to know the correct size and types of tire required for the vehicle in question. By following a few tips on shopping for tires on eBay, buyers can have a successful experience and purchase a new set of tires to increase the performance and safety of their car, truck, RV, motorhome, or boat.

Shopping for Tires on eBay

You can easily find tires for sale on eBay by performing a general search. Type the keyword “tire” into the Search box on any eBay page, and this results in thousands of listings, many of them unrelated, so it is better to use a narrower search term to limit your results to only the most relevant listings. For example, “truck tires&” limits results to only tires made for trucks. You can also visit the Tire Center and enter the information about the make, model, and year of your car to find the right match for your vehicle.

Another good way to search on eBay is to look for tires in a specific category. Buyers can find tires listed under multiple categories, but eBay returns fewer results when limited to just one category. This can sometimes exclude relevant listings or declutter the search results to display only the most relevant listings, depending on the category selected. Once the buyer types in the search terms, a category filter can also be selected to display only results in that particular category.

Before buyers begin to search for tires on eBay, it is helpful to understand the types of tires available to make it easier to locate the correct match on eBay.

Types of Tires

Buyers can find tires based on several criteria, including the type of vehicle the tires are made for, such as a car, truck, or motorcycle. Shoppers can also locate tires by their size and the type of vehicle the tire is made to fit.

Tires for Cars and Trucks

When buyers choose to search for tires for a car or truck, eBay gives them the option of choosing the make and model of their vehicle when starting the search from the Tire Center.. This allows eBay to return results for tires that are specific to that automobile. However, several sizes can fit one car or truck, so it is important for buyers to know what they already have on their automobile. Ideally, all four tires should match, but if this is not possible, either the two front or the two back tires should match each other. This not only ensures a smoother ride but also is better for the stability of the car or truck. The tire tread wears better when tires are the same size, and it is easier on the car’s alignment. Safety is also a concern when the tires are not the same size. It can be difficult to make a quick stop and the anti-lock brake system (ABS) may not engage with two different size tires. If buyers must use a different size tire temporarily, it should be placed on the back of a front-wheel drive vehicle or on the front of a rear-wheel drive automobile.

Understanding Service Type Designations

It can be confusing to understand the numeration code for tire size, which appears on the sidewall of a tire. Tire numerations are a long combination of letters and numbers, and many buyers do not understand what these codes mean. The table below gives some general information on the letter designation for service type to help buyers understand part of the tire numeration.

Tire Numeration



Begins with P

P225/50R 16 91S

The P signifies that the tire is for use on passenger cars.

Begins with T

T125/90D 16 98M

The tire is designed to be used as a temporary tire or mini-spare.

Begins with LT

LT245/75R16 108/104S

This tire is used on medium to heavy trucks for hauling cargo.

Ends with C

195/65R15C 104/102R

This tire is used on vans or trucks that carry heavy loads for delivery.

Begins with ST


This means the tire is for use on a boat or utility trailer.

No letter at the beginning

225/50R16 92S

This tire is mainly used on vans and SUVs; similar to passenger car tires but can carry heavier loads.

When buying tires on eBay, it is important to understand these designations to ensure buyers are getting the right tire for their vehicle.

Understanding Other Parts of Tire Size Numerations

There are other parts of a tire numeration in addition to the letters that indicate what type of vehicle the tire is suited for. Buyers must also consider the width of the tire. This is the set of three numbers after the first letter (or it is the first set of numbers if there is no beginning letter). For example, the 225 in the code P225/50R 16 91S designates how wide the tire is. This measurement is given in millimeters and measures from the outer sidewall to the inner sidewall.

The set of numbers that follow the backslash measure the height of the tire or the aspect ratio and designate the percentage that the height is of the width. For example, with a P225/50R tire, the height is 50 percent of the width.

Another number that is important to know is the number following the aspect ratio, and this designates the size rim needed. It is often a 15 or 16 for passenger cars and it usually stands alone after the size such as P225/50R 15. Buyers should pay attention to this number so the tire fits on the rim correctly.

Tires for Other Vehicles

Besides tires for cars and trucks, buyers can purchase tires for many other vehicles on eBay. These include motorcycles, ATVs, RVs and motorhomes, and boat trailers. There are also speciality tires for vintage cars and trucks or race cars.

Motorcycle and ATV Tires

When selecting tires for a motorcycle, buyers need to make sure to purchase the same tires for both the front and back. The construction of the tire is one of the most important components to consider. Buyers should not mix bias and radial tires because they affect the way the motorcycle handles. They should also not switch from one to the other since radial tires require modifications on the bike, such as the frame.

Tire tread and compound is also an important consideration and depends on how the bike will be used. Street motorcycle tires have a softer rubber to stick to the roadways for better traction but offer lower gas mileage. Tread is also important because it helps the bike stick to the surface it rides on. Treadless tires work well on dry pavement but are dangerous in the rain. Tires with thick tread are ideal for use off-road because they keep the bike from slipping in the mud.

Source: www.ebay.com
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