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July 14, 2016 – 02:33 pm
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You’ll find thousands of tires for all vehicle types at every Tires Plus. Search for tires by size dimension by checking the sidewall of your tire for a series of letters and numbers, such as P225/60R16.


Tire Specifications

What the Numbers On Your Tire Mean

Here’s an explanation of those very important numbers and letters, using the P225/60R16 tire as an example:

Symbol Definition P This means the tire is designed for Passenger Cars. Other common letters seen here include LT (Light Truck), ST (Special Trailer), and T (Temporary, for spare tires). 225 This is the Width of the tire. It measures the widest point of the tire (sidewall to sidewall, about halfway down) in millimeters. It does not measure the width of the tread. 60 This is the Aspect Ratio of the tire. It measures the Sidewall Height as a percentage of the total width of the tire. R This means it’s a Radial Tire. The internal design of the tire design has cord plies — which reinforce the tire — arranged at 90 degrees to the direction of travel, or "radially" (from the center of the tire). This is the standard design for almost all automotive tires today. 16 This is the Wheel Diameter. It measures (in inches) the diameter of the wheel that the tires are designed to fit.
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How to find your tire size
How to find your tire size
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Where to find tire size? | Yahoo Answers

there should be a plate on the d/s door jamb if not check the glove box for a sticker with the tire sizes. it should look like 185/95/r13 also you can look on the sidewall of the tire

How to find tire size?

Here's how to find tire size (refer to the picture below) and you can also search tires by vehicle at

Where to find your tire size?? | Yahoo Answers

Next to the P215 you should see 2 other numbers it should read something like this format P215/##/R##. So if your tire is a P215/65/R15 it would mean you have a 215 tire size with a 65 profile on a 15 inch rim.

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