Chevrolet Cobalt tires size

Chevrolet Cobalt Tires
June 16, 2016 – 11:49 am
For 2005, Cobalt is offered as

tire size infoVersion/option can affect your tire size. It should be located on an information placard in your vehicle. In vehicles made after 2005, this placard will be located in the driver's side door. In older vehicles, the placard may be located instead in the rear passenger doorjamb, fuel filler, glove box or center console, or engine compartment. For example, the version/option of a Honda Accord EX V6 is EX V6.

Metric, or tire type, defines the proper use of the tire. For example, a "P" designation means that it is a passenger car tire. An "LT" designation is for a light truck.

Tire width is the width of the tire measured in mm from sidewall to sidewall. This tire width is 215 mm.

Rim diameter is the width in inches or cm of the wheel from one end to the other. The diameter of this wheel is 16 in. Always replace a tire on a rim with another tire of exactly the same rim diameter designation and suffix letters.

Speed rating tells you the maximum service speed for a tire. A speed rating isn't, however, a recommendation to exceed speed limits, and doesn't indicate how well a tire handles or corners. Learn more about tire speed rating.

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