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Shops selling aged tires as brand new, jeopardizing your
June 9, 2015 – 04:30 pm
AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) - They are an investment this young father would not think twice about making "You need tires to stop. You need tires to go, " said Justin May. So when his rear treads wore thin in June, he bought 2 brand new tires on sale.

"Cost me around $277, " said May. What may does not know is that his brand new tires may not be new at all. We asked him if he knew how to look for tire dates? I do not. I have no clue to look for the tires date. I would not even know if the tire had a date on it, " said May.

We both checked them out. One of his new tires was date stamped 4212. The 42 stands for the week of the year the tire was made, and the 12 stands for 2012.

So his brand new tires are actually approaching their second birth day which could explain why they were on sale. "When you buy something new you expect it to be brand new. You expect it to be a couple of months old. Not 2 years old when you buy them, " said May.

In March the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said between 2005 and 2006 there were 90 deaths and over 3, 000 injuries related to tire aging. NHTSA also said that tire aging can occur whether a tire is driven or not. No law requires stores to disclose the age of a tire.

"They don't tell you how old they are when you are buying them, " said May. For May, it is too late, but the next time he invests in tires he will know more of what to look for. "I will definitely check out the date before I make the purchase, " said May.

His other brand new tire was actually about a year newer, date stamped about this time last year.

Some advocacy groups are trying to push for legislation that would require retailers to tell customers if any tire is sold older than

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