Average cost of new tires

How much to pay for new tires?
March 20, 2016 – 06:48 pm
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Posted: Whether you're replacing one tire or all four - the first question that may come to mind is how much money you're going to have to shell out.

The answer: It depends. The cost of tires is all over the map and can vary significantly depending on size, quality, and make.

"It definitely varies on size and whether it's an economy tire, a midlevel, do-it-all tire, or a high-performance tire, " said Tim Haynes, with highly rated Direct Tire & Auto in Norwood, Mass.

Chris Pfefferle, president of Pfefferle Tire & Automotive Service in Fairfield, Ohio, said the average cost of a new tire is about $100 for an average car, $175 for an SUV, and $200 for a pickup truck. A low-to-high range for an average car is about $70 to $150, he said.

Haynes said a set of four tires can cost as low as $400 and as high as $1, 800 or more. The cost to replace just one tire is $100 to $300, he said, with people paying about $125 for a tire on a standard car and $200 or more on tires for pickup trucks and SUVs.

According to recent reviews, Angie's List members report paying an average cost of $637 to replace four tires, with a range of $525 to $725.

According to CostHelper, a standard, all-season tire costs between $50 and $200 each with an average price of $80 to $150.

For a pickup truck or SUV, drivers may pay $50 to $350, with an average cost of about $100 to $250.

Several variables determine the cost of new tires, including the tire's brand and size.

Haynes said a typical passenger car has 16- to 18-inch tires, while a truck may have tires up to 20 inches.

"Consumers should be aware that size really drives the price, " Pfefferle said. "If a consumer has a 15-inch tire, they can probably get a really good tire for $125 each. If they have a 20-inch tire, it will probably be double or even more for a high-quality tire. Costs of tires have gone up, and the more specialized the vehicle, typically the more expensive the tires."

Randal Regan, service writer at Marc Yount's Tire Pros in Evans, Ga., said brand played a big role in overall cost.

"The more they spend on research and development, the more you pay for the tire, " he said. "But usually it's a better tire."

"Vehicles really are built around the tires [the manufacturers] have chosen to use on them, and the more high-end the vehicle, the more expensive the tire, " he said.

Haynes said there are many advantages to buying better-quality tires.

"Low-cost tires . . . come with low-quality rubber, " Haynes said. "They're not maximizing fuel economy and handling. You're really getting more bang for your buck if you're buying more quality tires."

Source: www.philly.com
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Popular Q&A
What is the average cost of a new tire on a car

It would really depend on the car. Tires can average from $50 up to $400! Have a wonderful day!

What is the average cost of a new tire for a car?

Use this website: and enter your car's information, to help find the right price for tires!

How much would a average new wheel aliment cost, and a new tire with new rims? | Yahoo Answers

Wheel alignment ("2 wheel"): $60
Tire ($100)
Rim ($100)
Call your auto insurance agent because your covered under the collision coverage for your car minus the deductible.
When your driving it with the spare tire installed, does the steering pull heavily to the left or right on the highway? Once you put a new tire on it (the technician will know if the rim is bent and you need a new one), see if the steering pulls left or right. If not, forget about the alignment and save the money.

what is the average cost for 4 new tires? | Yahoo Answers

Prolly between 70-100 per tire, although if you look online you can usually find good deals. Try here

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