Best Michelin tires for SUV

Michelin shines in Consumer Reports’ latest tire ratings
May 8, 2016 – 04:47 am

Michelin finds its way to or near the top in our latest truck tire Ratings, but there are a number of other brands that compete well and can be recommended.

This year we tested 19 models of all-season truck tires, 14 all-terrain models, and 11 winter tire models. These tires are well suited for many pickups and SUVs, including many crossover vehicles.

By design, all-season models typically deliver all-weather performance, comfortable ride, and long tread life. All-terrain models offer similar performance features as all-season tires, but they compromise some quietness for some off-road grip. Winter tires are engineered for optimum grip on icy and snow covered roads.

To determine how they perform, we put all the tires through our extensive suite of tests, including braking on dry and wet pavement, handling, hydroplaning resistance, snow traction, stopping on ice, ride, and rolling resistance—a factor in fuel economy. Tread life was assessed on the all-season and all-terrain tires based on our 16, 000-mile vehicle tread wear evaluation in San Angelo, Texas, using the government’s tread wear course.

From these evaluations, we’re able to provide detailed Ratings and rank tires in their categories. Highlights from our latest test program include the following standouts.

All-Season Truck

All three models offer excellent tread life, quiet ride, and well-rounded all-weather grip.

All-Terrain Truck

A three-way tie in our rankings, the Hankook and Michelin offer outstanding tread life and balanced performance. The Goodyear has very good tread life with an impressive balance of stopping grip on dry and wet roads, and very good handling.

Winter Truck

These three tires offer an impressive blend of winter performance, handling, and quietness. The top-rated Michelin tire is the only winter tire we tested with a tread-wear warranty (40, 000 miles), and it wore better than many all-season tires, based on our tread-life test. The Continental and Nokian models also offer strong winter performance. The Continental is better in snow, but the Nokian is better choice for driving in a variety of winter road conditions.

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Best Tires For SUV
Best Tires For SUV
Michelin SUV Tires
Michelin SUV Tires
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