Slot car tire truer

Hudy Slot Tire Truer (1/8 + 3/32 Axles)
January 15, 2016 – 12:15 am
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Part number: # 103100 Released: Jan. 01, 2002

(click to enlarge) This is the best selling tire truer in the slot car market. The tire truer has received many awards from slot car magazines around the world and all the professional slot drivers keep this palm sized tire truer in their pitboxes.

(click to enlarge) Main features: • black hard-anodized surface with Hudy’s traditionally high quality and stylish looks
• adjustable grinding of tire diameter and angle
• adjustable tire width (using covered slicing needle)
• specially-designed and manufactured grinding drum for highest-quality grinding
• for foam tires
• spindle shaft and wheel axle are ball-bearing supported to eliminate all vibrations during operation
• installed slave motor, switch box, and connection cable
• both wheel axles 1/8" + 3/32" included
• new improved long-lifespan handy carrying case

Hudy Tire Truers are not only what professional racers world-wide demand, but they are also the brand of choice for home-based racers. What makes Hudy Tire Truers superior is the philosophy used in their design, development, and test and production phases. To design our tire truers, our engineers use the most advanced 3D CAD system to ensure the best possible performance. Then, computer controlled CNC machines produce the parts to highly accurate specs from high-tech alloys. After assembly, every single truer is individually tested under extreme race conditions, and undergoes rigorous, top-quality control inspection by specially-trained technicians. When the truer passes the test, it is assigned a unique identification number and Hudy signature that ensures 100% reliability and unsurpassed quality.
Factors like comfort, safety and easy of use are primary design concerns during development and production of any piece of equipment by Hudy. Every tire truer we manufacture, right down to the set screws, is designed and assembled with pride and care. That's why there are tire truers in every pitbox made by Hudy.

(click to enlarge) Adjustable grinding diameter and grinding angle. Angle is adjusted from bottom of the main board.

(click to enlarge) Covered slicing needle for tire width cutting. (Extremely sharp needle is covered in alu holder.)

(click to enlarge) Installed slave motor, switch box, and connection cable.

(click to enlarge) Ball-bearing supported spindle shaft and wheel axle for maximum quality vibration less tire grinding.
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