Pump car tire with bike pump

Inflating a car tire with a bicycle pump?
April 4, 2015 – 12:25 pm

pumping up a car tireRecently, I had to pump up our car tires. For this purpose, I wanted to buy my own pump so that I would not be dependent on gas stations. So I decided to get a bike stand pump at a department store. When I told the salesman why I needed a bike pump, his reaction was that you definitely need a stronger pump for car tires. But that's actually not the case. A bike stand pump works just fine to inflate a car's tire.

The official unit for pressure is called pascal. However, most people prefer to use the units psi or bar. Psi stands for pound per square inch, and 1 bar stands for the atmospheric pressure on earth at sea level. The pressure in bicycle tires is usually around 60 psi (4.1 bar). Our car tires need 32 psi (2.2 bar). Because the car tires need less pressure than the bike tires, it is no problem to pump up a car tire with a bike pump.

The pressure determines the force which holds the vehicle above the ground. Pressure is equal to force per area. Here, the contact area between the tires and the ground result in a force holding the car or bike above ground. The greater the area, the higher the force is at the same pressure. Vice versa, in order to have the same force at a smaller area, you need higher pressure. Because bike tires are much smaller than car tires, you need more pressure in bike tires. The size of the tires outweighs the fact that cars are heavier than bikes.

Later, when I actually refilled my car's tire, I found out why people normally don't use bike pumps for that. It's quite a lot of exercise. Car tires have a higher volume than bike tires, which is why you have to pump more... and there are four of them.

Source: www.science-niblets.org
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how long does it take to pump up a car tire with a bike pump? | Yahoo Answers

partner if you just did it in 5 minutes you are the MAN!!! last time I did it -took me about 15 minutes and about 350 strokes--you do what you have to do

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