Car flat tire repair kit

How to fix a flat car tire
February 8, 2016 – 05:19 pm
Smart car flat tire

Do not! I repeat do not fix any tubeless tyre this way!

I have been in the tyre industry for 30 year, and write training manuals for tyre companies. this kit shown here in the demonstration in not for highway tyres, and you should never fix any tyre with a plug in the sidewall. there is a reason you take tyres to professionals, that's because the tyre MUST come off of the wheel to be inspected for fractures. sadly just 3 weeks ago a young guy was killed here in our town pumping up a tyre they had fixed themselves. if.and only if you were stuck out in the bush, yes you could use one of these kits to get you to the closest tyre shop and have it repaired properly.

Just something to think about. for every 10 psi of air that you put into a tyre, there is 1 ton per square inch of pressure pushing back against that sidewall. that means, if you've got your head beside when it go's off. well lets just say it's the same as getting hit in the side of your head with a 5lb sledge hammer = dead.

Tricky spot to plug, it'll probably be OK but plugs aren't a great option, they tend to be used as a stop gap because they can come out etc. Country dependant they can be illegal for road use. In this case it's not a bad idea considering a patch wouldn't take in the corner. Check your air pressure once in a while, sometimes they can still be slow punctures, as long as you keep on top of it it's rarely an issue, usually just a few PSI down over a month. Overall when applicable patching is preferable and pretty simple, just like your bike tyre, the main difference being that a coral rock bit used as a buffer is the norm, it can be roughed and cleaned other ways like liquid buffer, a normal car tyre like a 185-65-15 or something similar can be changed by hand, it's just not as easy without a machine. Once you get to 18" rims and over it tends to be nigh on impossible for most people, 4X4 tyres aren't too bad but Van and MPV tyres tend to reinforced sidewalls which cause difficulty. I may do an 'ible sometime, I've been entertaining the thought...

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  • Easily repair punctures without removing the tire from the rim
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  • An alligator clip power adapter with femail receptacle is also included, allowing for a direct to battery connection to draw maximum power.
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Ridgerock Tools Inc. Tooluxe® 50002L Tire Repair Kit Set to Plug Flat and Punctured Tires | 35-Piece Set
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  • PLUG AND GO: Easy to insert plugs keep you prepared for the next nail or object that finds its way into your tire and stops you cold
  • A COMPLETE KIT: Includes 1 pc T-handle insert tool, 1 pc T-handle spiral probe tool, 2-pc hex key, 1 sealing lubricant and 30-pc string plugs
  • PAYS FOR ITSELF: This set costs as much as a trip to the gas station or tire repair shop and will pay for itself in one use
  • CASE INCLUDED: Includes heavy duty hard plastic carrying and storage case
Popular Q&A
Or, what is your recommendation for a good flat tire repair kit?

I've heard results going both ways on Slime. For off-road use, I think slime is almost a necessity. It won't help on giant rips or tears on the tire, but the pinholes which cause slow leaks are instantly sealed by the Slime allowing you to ride on.
For street tires, the only thing I can think of is nails and screws which would cause the slow leaks. I've heard that the slime might be able to get you home, but you'll still want to remove the offending item and that the slime won't hold a screw hole shut, so you'll be replacing the tire anyway. I've heard that the slime can throw the…

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