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February 6, 2016 – 02:51 pm
Canadian Tire s ice truck

The battery, starter and alternator are key components in the electrical system that starts your vehicle and keeps it running. A weak component can cause premature wear in other system components or cause the entire system to fail. For example, a weak battery left unchecked can overwork the alternator, ultimately causing it to fail.

What's included

  • Computerized diagnosis of your vehicle's battery, starter and alternator with printout.
  • Inspection of alternator drive belt.
  • Inspection of cable connections (including ground and battery terminals).
  • Comprehensive evaluation based on the manufacturer's specifications and our technician's expert recommendations.
  • Detailed written estimate for items requiring adjustment, repair or replacement.

When to have this done

When experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Dashboard battery warning light is illuminated.
  • Battery, starter or alternator is replaced.
  • Vehicle has trouble or fails to crank over at start-up.
  • Noticeable slow cranking or noise upon start-up.

Why this is important

Batteries have a limited life and will eventually require replacement. When a battery fails, the vehicle will not start, and could leave you stranded, requiring a tow or battery boost. We identify battery concerns before they become a problem.

  • Computerized check of the battery's health and performance with printout.
  • Visual inspection of the battery mounting brackets as well as battery cables and terminals.
  • At minimum, every 6 months (ideally at the beginning of summer and winter because batteries typically fail in extreme hot or cold weather).
  • With every oil change. (battery check is included FREE with this service).

Did you know?

How the starting and charging system works:

  • The starter motor 'cranks' the engine when you turn the key.
  • The battery provides electrical energy to turn the starter motor.
  • When the vehicle is started, the charging system is activated and the alternator restores energy to the battery that was used to 'crank' the engine.
  • The battery also powers items including lights and the radio. The alternator maintains a proper charge in the battery while these items are being used.

This service helps maintain the performance of belt-driven components. It eliminates the noise caused by worn or loose belts and reduces the chance of a roadside breakdown.

  • Replacing old belts.
  • Visually inspecting associated components driven by belts.
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