Best car tires brands

Who makes the best car tires?
November 30, 2015 – 12:09 pm
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No one tire is perfect. However, clearly some provide a better balance of grip, handling, comfort, and tread life—all common attributes considered by tire buyers.

Over the past three years alone, we’ve tested over 180 tire models from 23 brands in nine major categories for cars, sports cars, and trucks, including all-season, winter, summer, and all-terrain tires. All tires are rated for individual performance in areas of braking, handling, resistance to hydroplaning, winter grip, ride and noise, rolling resistance, and tread life (excluding winter tires). Overall scores are based on a weighted average of these tests, placing emphasis on safety-related aspects. Price isn’t factored into our overall score. While we consider our testing comprehensive, we don’t judge quality or general durability. (Use our tire ratings selector.)

To rank tire brands, we counted the number of times models from each brand made it into the top-five overall scores in all tire type categories evaluated in the last three years.

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Popular Q&A
What is the best brand for tires for cars? | Yahoo Answers

Now a day, all of the brand name tires are pretty much the same. My preference, however, is Goodrich. For the summer, I use all-season tires, because it allows for times of the season when it rains, and you want to be sure that you have your tires to the ground. In the winter, I use winter tires. By the way you can expect to pay for each tire around $80
I almost forgot to mention to you that you should be sure to have a regular tire, rather than the donut size tires as a spare tire.

What are the best brand for car tires? | Yahoo Answers

LOTS of choices, but get FUEL EFFICIENT Ones from BRIDGESTONE or MICHELIN or YOKOHAMA. FUEL efficient tires are QUIETER and grab better and have LOW rolling resistance so can ROLL down hills and more easily. Use TIRE RACK for best choices and prices. GOOD LUCK! I also like SOME B.F> goodrich ones. They are owned by MICHELIN! Check the WEAR temp and traction numbers onthe sidewalls of what you are buying. ALl companies have GOOD BETTER BEST tires for many purposes. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

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