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Best All-Season Tires
May 22, 2015 – 12:41 pm
Winter and snow tires

The answer depends on a number of factors, including noise, handling, all-weather grip, tread wear, and price. Many consumers want it all in one tire, and that’s essentially what all-season tires promise. It is no wonder that in the replacement-tire market, all-season tire sales overshadow those of summer, winter, and off-road models.

When judging all-season tires, Consumer Reports looks at several key performance factors, placing more emphasis on safety-related aspects, including braking, hydroplaning resistance, and handling. Value factors such as rolling resistance (a factor in fuel economy) and tread life are emphasized less, and we don’t factor in the price of the tire into our overall score. The best tire should do everything well, but as our testing illustrates, most bring compromises. We feel the better models deliver a good balance of all-weather grip, handling, long tread life, and a quiet, comfortable ride. But each consumer may have their own set of priorities.

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what are the best tires to buy? | Yahoo Answers

For that kind of application my preference is the Firestone Transforce HT or AT. These tires come in the correct E Load Rating (DO NOT USE ANYTHING LESS), are specifically designed for heavy duty commercial vehicle type applications, are extremely durable, wear very well and are not very expensive. For your application the improved traction of the AT model on unmaintained roads might work best.

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